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Master Digital Sciences

Dokumente zur Akkreditierung des Studiengangs

Modul »Guided Project (small), focused on Interdisciplinary Topics« (GP-ID)

Informationen zur Organisation des Moduls

Prof. Dr. Stefan Bente (Fakultät F10)
alle Professor*innen im Studiengang
Sowohl Deutsch als auch Englisch
Angeboten im
Jedes Semester (Dauer 1 Semester)
An allen Standorten, oder remote
Anzahl Teilnehmer*innen
minimal 2, maximal 20
Gesamtaufwand 180h
24h (24h Projektbetreuung)
156h (davon 156h eigenständige Projektarbeit)
Semesterbegleitendes Projekt mit Präsentation
Vermittelte Kompetenzen
Develop Visions, Analyze Domains, Model Systems, Implement Concepts, Deploy Products, Optimize Systems, Apply Standardization
Beziehung zu globalen Studiengangskriterien
Interdisziplinarität, Digitalisierung, Transfer

Beitrag zu Handlungsfeldern

Nachfolgend ist die Zuordnung des Moduls zu den Handlungsfeldern des Studiengangs aufgeführt, und zwar als anteiliger Beitrag (als ECTS und inhaltlich). Dies gibt auch Auskunft über die Verwendbarkeit des Moduls in anderen Studiengängen und über die Beziehung zu anderen Modulen im selben Studiengang.

Handlungsfeld ECTS (anteilig) Modulbeitrag zum Handlungsfeld
Generating and Accessing Knowledge 1

In the combination of focus areas, this Guided Project will usually contain some element of knowledge generation and analysis.

Architecting and Coding Software 1

When bringing focus areas together, there is some amount of software programming or scripting involved.

Empowering Business 1

This type of Guided Project will deal with exploring a (business) domain and creating a dedicated business/domain support solution, based on this exploration.

Acting Responsibly 1

The students learn to work in an interdisciplinary context, which requires a high amount of empathy and reflection.

Designing Innovations and Products 1

Goal of such a Guided Project is usually the design and creation of some kind of service or product, as an answer to an interdisciplinary challenge.

Managing and Running IT 1

This kind of Guided Project will consider the solution support by IT as a longterm and sustainable base for success.

Learning Outcome

Students will learn to work on a complex project in a team setting.

By implementing the project, the students will learn …

  • problem-solving skills,
  • self-management skills,
  • teamwork skills, and
  • the ability for independent scientific work.
  • methods and knowledge about the subject matter, by focus on practical experience.

This way, the students will be able to perform, plan, and lead similar projects in a professional context.

Inhaltliche Beschreibung des Moduls

Supervised work of a complex task in a research and development project (possibly in cooperation with external partners) in a team. The Lecturer defines the objectives of the project, and conducts a regular discussion on the progress, by means of intermediate meetings between Lecturer and team in intervals of not more than three weeks.

In addition, the Lecturer agrees at least two project milestones with the team. The milestone results will contribute in an adequate manner to the final grade. The Lecturer further agrees the form of communication and cooperation with the team, and reflects it in regular intervals with them. The projects are systematically supervised.

Accompanying these components, the student research the relevant literature independently.

Lehr- und Lernformen

The students work on documentation of the project results, research state of the art technology, use problem-solving methods etc.

The overall grade is based on the project results, project report, presentation, and possibly other parts (at the discretion of the individual lecturer).

Zur Verfügung gestelltes Lehrmaterial

Depending on the project.

Weiterführende Literatur

Depending on the project.