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Study Planning

The Master’s degree for all fields of study (BIS, DIS, ITM, SAR) can be achieved as 90 ECTS (three semester) or 120 ECTS (four semester) program depending on the prerequisite of an applicant. Applicants with a 210 ECTS Bachelor degree should join the three semester turn. Other would take the four semester variant of the Master program.

Depending on the field of study, the module selection must be made. It is necessary to cover the Focus Areas required by the field of study. These different requirements for the fields of action are shown in the following table.

Rules for selecting modules per specialization

For your own personal planning, there is the Study Planner available - an interactive configuration tool, which allows you to plan your very own study schedule.

IMPORTANT: The Study Planner is a purely local tool. No data is transferred to a server, or stored locally. So please remember to print your configuration - this is the only way to save it.

To help you better understand the options for combining modules, there is a number of "Personas" - typical alumni profiles with example study plans (for BIS, for DIS, for ITM, and for SAR). You can use these example schedules as a starting point for your own personal planning process. The plans can be opened in Study Planner - just click the link at the bottom of the persona description (above the table containing the example study plan).

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